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Metals Fires and Comparison to Other Metals Fire Suppressants (GelTech)

GelTech Solutions, Inc. internal report on the ability of FireIce® to extinguish metals fires; it cools metal faster and keeps it below its ignition temperature without having a violent reaction even though it’s a water based product.

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Not Harmful to Human, Terrestrial, or Aquatic Species (GelTech)

There are no risks of acute toxic effects for aquatic wildlife in streams receiving runoff from land where FireIce® is applied to fuels (vegetation) at any coverage level (application rate) during firefighting activities, or where planned aquatic releases in normal operating dilutions such as those of the residual FireIce® in the tank of amphibious aircraft during or after water scooping operations; or issues associated with the wash-down or clean-up of mixing facilities (airtanker bases) where mixing into storm water run-off infrastructure is planned to occur.

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Underground Mine Fires (U.S. Department of Labor MSHA)

FireIce® is suitable for use in mines and is assigned MSHA suitability Number FFA 2/0.

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Water Additives for Fire Control and Vapor Mitigation (Fire Protection Research Foundation)

Findings of a project designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of water additives used for fire control and vapor mitigation, with the intent to clarify the fire protection benefit of using water with additives for fire suppression versus water without additive.

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