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FireIce Shield® 16 Fl oz Spray Bottle (Case of 12)

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Fire retardant gel for fire prevention, FireIce Shield is ideal for asset protection. It’s the perfect companion tool for hot work jobs large and small. Use on metal pipes as a barrier to heat transfer, especially for valves, seals, and between contact points. Shield effectively prevents discoloration and distortion of lightweight metals, and protects closely soldered parts. Shield also protects surfaces like wood, sheet rock, wires, insulation, and painted or finished surfaces including painted metal, plastic, cloth, and vinyl from direct and radiant heat, and can also be used to “cool the tool” and prevent degradation of bits, dies and machine components. It helps Stop the Loss® by preventing fire from starting.

It has excellent adhesion, even on vertical surfaces, and prevents fires caused by accidental sparks and slag. Great for use in tight spaces or spaces where removal of combustibles is not practical or possible. FireIce Shield is safe for use around people, plants, animals, and aquifers.  Non-toxic, eco-friendly and available in multiple deployment methods so you always have the perfect FireIce Shield tool for the job at hand.

Also available in a 32 ounce spray bottle!

Also available in:
Short Pallet of 20 Cases (FI-SS-16SP) $6,040.00
Full Pallet of 40 Cases ( FI-SS-16P)  $12,080.00