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FireIce XT Pre-Mixed Refill for 2.5 Gallon UL Fire Extinguisher

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FireIce XT is a firefighting gel. FireIce XT breaks the fire triangle by suffocating the oxygen from the fuel by cooling the heat source, thus breaking the thermal barriers of fire. This prevents rekindles, which reduces property damage and increases  safety. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-corrosive. This premixed refill enables the quick filling of a FireIce UL 2.5 Gallon Extinguisher.  A precisely measured 2.5 Gallon Premixed Refill for the FireIce UL Fire Extinguisher; just refill and pressurize in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Also available in:

Pallet of 50 for $2150 (FI-FE-25GRP)
55 Gallon Pre-Mixed Drum for $680 (FI-FE-55G)
275 Gallon Pre-Mixed Drum for $3200 (FI-FE-275G)