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Attempting to emulate the demonstrations depicted on this website without proper supervision by trained firefighters, law enforcement officers or medical personnel could lead to serious injury or death. The activities depicted in the video content of this website are potentially dangerous and hazardous and were filmed using professionals skilled in the field of fire safety, in a controlled environment, with licensed firefighters and medical personnel standing by. While all of the content shown here is real, these films are intended to dramatize the effectiveness of FireIce® and to provide visual depictions of the activities described in detail in the Owner's Manuals and Quick Start Guides provided with FireIce® extinguishers and other products. FireIce® Solutions does not encourage these activities or condone any attempts to recreate similar activities by non-professional individuals and disclaims any responsibility for any unauthorized actions resulting in injury or death due to the use of a FireIce® product or FireIce® equipment.

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FireIce Shield Demonstration

Capable of instantly cooling and preventing heat transfer, FireIce Shield is the ideal assistant tool for hot work jobs large and small, as this demonstration shows.

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FireIce Fire Blanket vs. Untreated Blanket

This comparison between a FireIce Fire Blanket and an untreated blanket provides a compelling visual demonstration of the enhanced protection provided by the blanket soaked in FireIce Shield. These welding blankets are available in a wide variety of sizes.

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F.W. Webb Celebrates 150 Years with FireIce Shield and The Last Call Foundation

FireIce Solutions, LLC is proud to help F.W.Webb celebrate it’s 150th birthday!  Join employees at F.W. Webb and Kathy Crosby-Bell, founder of the Last Call Foundation, as they recognize FireIce Shield as in integral part of fire prevention and asset protection. F.W. Webb is a leader in fire prevention education and is using FireIce Shield as the cornerstone of its newest safety education initiative. FireIce Shield helps prevent heat transfer and fires caused by errant sparks during welding, plumbing, brazing, construction and other activities in which an open flame is used.

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Welder’s Test FireIce Shield

FireIce Shield® is the ideal assistant tool for hot work jobs large and small. In this video, a welder puts FireIce Shield® through its paces, demonstrating its abilities to instantly cool, withstand extremely high heat, prevent heat transfer and prevent the distortion of metals.

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FireIce Extinguishes Lithium Battery Fire

In this side by side time elapsed comparison between FireIce and a Halon extinguisher on a lithium battery fire, the battery fire extinguished with FireIce is suppressed more rapidly. Unlike the battery suppressed with Halon, the battery extinguished with FireIce does not rekindle.

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FireIce Personal Protection Capability

FireIce Shield is the only product safe for use on people. In this video, watch as a firefighter dips his hand in FireIce, fills the palm of his hand with magnesium shavings and lights the pile on fire.  Although the pile of shavings is burning at well over 3,000 degrees F, his hand is not burned and remains fully protected by the FireIce.

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ChargeSafe Case Safely Contains Cell Phones

Lithium battery fires caused by overheating cell phones have received a great deal of notice as these incidents increase in frequency.  This case is designed to keep your cell phone battery cool during the most vulnerable time for overheating–while charging. ChargeSafe™ is powered by FireIce Shield®, an advanced fire suppressant capable of extinguishing metal and other fires up to 10,000ºF. The ChargeSafe™ case protects the user and his or her environment by isolating the device while charging, storing or transporting. When a faulty or damaged battery overheats, the ChargeSafe™ case releases FireIce Shield® stored in the lining to suppress the fire.

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Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr.

This episode of Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. on the Discovery Channel, features FireIce Solutions and its unique approach to using FireIce products to not only suppress fires, but to prevent fires before they start. Interviews with a retired firefighter, an insurance executive and the founder of the Last Call Foundation each explain the significance of FireIce to a pre-loss and risk mitigation strategy.

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School Bus Applicability/Tire Fire

Each year people die in school bus fires, frequently caused by engines, brakes or tires that ignite.  FireIce® will effectively, safely and efficiently extinguish these potentially devastating fires.

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FireIce® Shield Foam Insulation

FireIce® Shield’s effectiveness on pressed insulation is demonstrated in this brief video.

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