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FireIce XT Aerosol Comparison with Generic ABC Extinguisher

Watch the new FireIce XT Aerosol 20 ounce canister take on a generic ABC extinguisher in a variety of fire scenarios including these time stamped comparisons:

Stovetop Fire: 00:56
Oven Fire: 01:52
Lithium-ion Battery Fire: 02:35
Waterproof Flare Fire: 03:31
Tire Fire: 05:02
Wood Fire: 06:09

As the manufacturer, GelTech, describes it:

Firelce XT Aerosol uses a specially formulated water-based eco-friendly agent that is a safe and effective alternative to traditional ABC dry chemical agents used in common extinguishers, without the risk of inhalation, damage to skin or eyes, or harmful residues.

Unlike the FireIce XT Aerosol, additives found in most dry chemical extinguishers impose significant risk of lung disease with repeated exposure. And while the risk of target organ toxicity after a single exposure is not expected, the long-term risk after repeated exposure is unclear. ABC dry chemical exposure also causes immediate risks with inhalation, skin and eye exposure.

All dry chemical extinguishers require a specially fluidized and siliconized monoammonium phosphate powder (the active ingredient), most often coupled with ammonium sulfate. Generally,the dry chemicals are considered hazardous materials; they cannot be washed away in a sewer or landfill, must be swept up or vacuumed, contained in a hazardous waste drum, and hauled away for recovery or disposal.

Inadequate cleanup can lead to hazardous decomposition byproducts like oxides of carbon, ammonia, and oxides of phosphorus, nitrogen oxides.