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FireIce 20 ounce Aerosol

Stop Fire Cold! FireIce XT 20 oz. Aerosol is an environmentally-friendly, gel-based fire suppressant. FireIce XT 20 oz. Aerosol utilizes the same powerful suppression agent as contained in the FireIce UL-Listed Extinguisher, making it capable of containing a fire up to 5,000° F.

  • FireIce XT is environmentally-friendly and non-toxic, safe to be used around people, pets plants and water sources.
  • No messy residue, smells or chemicals. It’s easier to use than a traditional fire extinguisher and easily wipes clean with water.
  • Suppresses Class A fires, and wood, plastic, fiberglass, tires, carbon fiber, lithium-ion batteries.
  • Excellent for use in home, office, kitchen, RV, boat, fireplace, or garage.
  • Single use with 18-20 second run-time, the FireIce XT 20 oz. Aerosol is capable of suppressing 64 square feet of fire.
  • It’s high-density construction and sturdy design makes the FireIce XT 20 oz. Aerosol a dependable choice.
  • The single “handle-direction” orientation makes the FireIce XT 20 oz. Aerosol intuitive for anyone to use during an emergency.
  • A lightweight, slim profile makes it easy to store and easy for anyone to handle. Do not allow aerosol canister to freeze.
  • FireIce XT agent is UL711 Compliant.
  • FireIce XT is compliant with DOT 2Q DSC M5749, and contains no CFCs or VOCs per EPA & California Air Resource Board.
  • Made in the USA.

Not intended to replace a required NFPA10 -compliant extinguisher.

Now available in FireIce ST formula specifically designed for maximum penetration and ideal for lithium battery fires.